When I was little and we did the Easter egg hunt, there was only one thing in those plastic eggs; candy. I was surprised when we went to Jenn's Mom's in Buffalo over the weekend, that many of the eggs had these in them.

Easter is all about tradition and every family has their own when it comes to hiding the baskets and the plastic eggs. We had a great trip out to Jenn's family this weekend, but the Easter Bunny left dollar bills in the eggs. I couldn't believe it. There were plenty of eggs that had chocolates and jelly beans in them, but there were more that contained money.

Hey maybe the Easter Bunny felt that Mia (8) and Ryan (6) deserved some cash along with their candy. Who am I to judge? But I felt as if it was too much. When all the eggs were found, Mia collected $17 and Ryan raked in $15. It was fun to watch them search but all they cared about in the end was how much money they made.

Did the Easter Bunny fill your kids' eggs with money? I thought it was all about the candy inside the eggs.

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