Dylan Scott is a rising country star who's #1 hit 'My Girl' had people singing along to the song he wrote about the love of his life.  Still only 28 years old, he's been though and seen quite a bit.  Scott talked to us yesterday morning about life as a normal 'redneck from Louisiana', falling in love with his wife at age 15, and whether or not his soon-to-be one year old son has his daddy's musical talents.

Dylan Scott's will be live at Rivers Casino and Resort Saturday night November 10th, and tickets are still available to see this show live.

Here's the interview we did with him on Friday morning.  It starts by us asking him about his propensity to gamble (one of our favorite past times) considering that he is, after all, playing at a casino.  The convo quickly shifted to life on the road, his little boy Beckett, and the love of his life who he's been with since he was 15.



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