You may have heard the name Lee Hernandez going around the internet. He wants to thank everyone for the amazing messages and now has another wish!

Hernandez is a 47 year old veteran who has been through three brain surgeries and continuous strokes. Doctors have been unable to to figure out what's wrong and the only thing to do is to make him as comfortable as possible as he's in hospice care.

Recently, Hernandez asked his wife Tina to hold his phone for him in case someone called. After two hours, he got no calls and said "I guess no one wants to talk to me." Tina made it her mission to show her husband, an Army veteran who served for 18 and a half years, that people did want to talk to him. She asked the internet for help and they came back 10 fold. His phone crashed and he received more than 10,000 text messages. These messages have really made a positive impact on his life- he even danced the other day!

The calls have been amazing but what they really need is money, according to The Sacramento Bee. Of course, his medical needs and transportation are a big cost in their life but what Lee really wants is to go to Yellowstone. A family friend has set up a GoFundMe to make Lee's wishes hopefully come true.

If you want to contact Lee, you still can by reaching out to 210-632-6778 between 4:00PM. and 8:00PM EST, when he's most alert. They are now in the process of setting up a PO Box where people can send cards.

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