Animals are incredible. I truly believe that they are all born with the greatest of hearts and this golden retriever proves just how selfless and genuine they are.

Storm, a dog on the Long Island Sound thought nothing of jumping into the water to save another animal's life. NBC New York reported that Storm and his owner were walking along the beach in the morning when the dog jumped into the water and started swimming out.

Storm came back with something in his mouth which ended up being a baby deer. The deer probably was caught up in the water and tired itself out treading for its life. The deer tried to stand up after being out of the water but just didn't have it in him so Storm brought the deer further up the beach. The cutest part of the whole thing was that Storm kept nudging, licking, and pawing at the deer kind of like "You can do it, c'mon..." attitude. Last reported, the deer was brought to a recovery vehicle and progressing nicely. If you haven't seen the video yet, you have to watch it. The animal kingdom's purity at work.

*Updated to include original video from Storm's owner's Facebook page

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