According to CNN Money, a "tall" Unicorn Frappuccino with whole milk has 280 calories, 11 grams of fat, and 39 grams of sugar. That's pretty much a doughnut in your Starbucks cup, to wash down your doughnut. Why would anyone order this?

My wonderful colleagues Chrissy and Jess had to try out this new Starbucks sensation. WhiIe I think it made a nice looking accessory for my co-hosts, neither was particularly impressed. Jess was "meh" when I asked her if she'd get it again, but Chrissy said she probably would. After I informed her that it contained 39 grams of sugar.  She quickly changed her answer to "Oh sh*t no!"

In fairness, the Unicorn Frappuccino does look kinda pretty, at least until you start drinking it. After a few minutes, it kinda reminded me of a woman with caked on makeup throwing up Fruit Loops. Yummy!

I was reluctant to try it but I did.  It wasn't was a little worse.  Too sugary, syrupy, with the aftertaste a little reminiscent of watered down Gatorade.  I'll stick to my dark roasted, black coffee.

For the record, I think Chrissy and Jess look great on their own.  Who really wants or needs this caffeinated accessory?



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