I saw this little doohickey on the TV a couple of weeks ago and thought it was really neat! I don't remember if it was a travel show or a commercial, or what, but I thought it was really kinda interesting!  You can see the countryside on a little rail car!

Well, what do you know... not only is it actually really cool, but it's local!!

You can only do it in two places, and one of them is just a short drive away in the Adirondacks!

It's called the Rail Explorers USA and it's a guided but solitary tour that is taken on peddled carts that are, according to the company's website, easy and accessable for everyone.

Check out this video:

Seeeeeeee!  Doesn't it look like fun and a great family or couple or friend activity that we can go on to really enjoy upstate NY!?

Sooooo, do you wanna go with me or nah!?

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