I can remember skimming the phone book when I was younger. (I know, what the heck is a phone book, Marissa?!) Looking at all of the names. Finding my family, my Grandparents, my Aunts and Uncles and getting so excited. It was also crazy to me seeing so many of the same last names over and over and over again because, quite honestly, there are maybe just a handful with my own. 

Maybe you felt the same looking through. Or even in your high school yearbook, seeing all the names from all of the homerooms.

So, what is the most popular last name in New York state? How about what are the top ten most popular? According to forbears.io it's the following:

  1. Smith (114,166)
  2. Brown (72,320)
  3. Williams (71,973)
  4. Johnson (68,760)
  5. Miller (54,856)
  6. Jones (53,878)
  7. Rodriguez (53,820)
  8. Lee (49,088)
  9. Davis (42,852)
  10. Rivera (38,486)

Want to see if your last name made the Top 100 last names in New York? Check out the full list here.

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