I just read an article that the average kid ages 4 to 14 get anywhere from 5 to $10 per week. They do have to work for it, however, but mostly kids get paid for cleaning their own rooms. I think this is ridiculous.

I may sound like I come from a bitter place, but I was brought up in a household where we all pitched in. There was no allowance in the form of money. I always joked that my parents "allowed" us to live there. That was the extent of our allowance.

Don't get me wrong, I think that it is important to have incentives, I just think that there are other ways to reward than with money. We always had to do chores but in return my mom would let us stay up later or stay out later with friends. I guess you can say that we earned time.

I am not judging how people parent but for me, I think $10 a week is pretty steep for something that our kids should already have a responsibility toward, their own space.

Do you give your child an allowance? What chores do they earn it for? How much do they earn a week?


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