There's a judge in Ohio who is tough as nails.  Just how tough?  You won't believe this person's punishment for not paying her cab fare. Do you believe it's fair or is it excessive?  

This 18 year old girl takes a 30 mile cab ride and then flees the scene without paying.

Not a good move, Victoria Bascom  According to the News-Herald, this girl was ordered by the judge to walk the 30 miles that she refused to pay for as a punishment!  If she refused, she would have had to sit in the clink for 60 days!

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Oh, and by the way, she had to walk the 30 miles within 48 hours, and was given a GPS to wear to make sure she complied.   OH, AND ONE MORE THING - she was given 4 months probation and also had to pay the $100 cab fare too!

Do you think the punishment fits the crime?  Too harsh? Not enough?  I'll keep my mouth shut here.  Would love to see what you think on this.



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