When everything becomes a unique service, Disney finds a way to make it their own. Just recently they announced that they would be doing their own ride sharing service when it became legal in Florida. Now they are taking over the main streaming service and making it their own.  In an effort to monopolize everything they can, Disney is now going to offer its own streaming service. They will be removing all of their TV shows and movies from Netflix and moving them to their own. The service will begin in 2019 so there is time to get to work on watching everything associated with Disney. Pixar, ESPN and ABC, which are owned by Disney, will also be affected.

By 2019 Disney's streaming service will the the only place you will be able to watch new live action and animated movies including the Frozen sequel, the new Toy Story 4, that The Lion King live action movie. Plus the content from the Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney XD.

I really think this is part of Disney's plan to continue to take over the world. I gotta go, I have a ton of Disney movies to watch on Netflix and not a lot of time.

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