Over a year ago, Southwest Airlines stopped offering direct flights to Las Vegas. Well good news because the airline has announced that they are bringing them back. The non-stop service will begin this fall and there will be one direct flight from Albany to Las Vegas per day. According to the Times Union, you can start booking now for flights beginning October 3rd. The flight leaves Albany at 2:20 pm and lands in Las Vegas at 8:10 pm. (Vegas time).

I think the flight is a bit pricey. The first weekend of service will run you $451.96 round trip. But if you factor in that Southwest doesn't charge you to check your bags, it may not be that bad.

Southwest is one of the major carriers at the Albany International Airport. It accounts for forty three percent of their travel.

Even though the flights won't begin until October, you could plan an amazing trip to spend the holidays in Sin City.

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