Since I brought up some of our great diners in the area a little earlier, I thought I would just mention some of our favorite items on the menus.

My favorite at the Wolf Road Diner is the Pizza Burger. It combines a good old fashioned burger topped with sauce and cheese, on a bun. You have to start with a fork, then work your way down to holding it as a sandwich, otherwise it can be a little sloppy. Feeling adventurous, get the deluxe. That includes fries and cole slaw, making a full, complete meal.

Another choice of mine is the open faced turkey sandwich, always hot, and never dry. It comes with all the fixin's to make it seem like a Thanksgiving dinner. My wife's is the broiled salmon dinner. She orders it almost every time we go. Both of these meals is at at the Gateway, in Albany.

At the Blue Ribbon in Schenectady, it has to be their roast chicken dinner. Again complete dinners with soup, salad and sides. Most diners will serve breakfast anytime, and since the next two usually for breakfast, I'll consider them as meals.

My wife loves the vegetable omlet at the Latham 76 Diner. My buddy Norman and I like either Bob's Diner in Watervliet, or Inga's Diner in Colonie for some of the egg combinations, like with bacon, pancakes or homefries, not to mention good coffee.

I need to mention, as I was thinking about this list, I had a tough decision, since we tend to choose something different every time we go to a diner. In fact, I had to call her for her choices. We call that variety. These are some of our favorites. What are some of your  favorite diner dishes?