Many of these foods you may have in your kitchen right now but did you know that they either originated or are based right here? How many did you know?

New York Upstate listed the top foods from Upstate New York, which included some from the Buffalo area, but I was really surprised to see how many come from right here in the Capital Region area.

I love The Snowman's ice cream in Troy. It's soft but with substance and their flavors are out of this world. You even voted them at the best ice cream in the Capital Region on our last poll. Did you know they had a statewide famous ice cream treat called the Boston Shake? Take a sundae, put a shake on top of it and enjoy.

Whenever I bring up melba sauce to other people from outside of the area, they look at me like raspberry and cheese should never mix. Well, they're obviously wrong. According to this website, Ralph's in Albany has the best, I don't know that for a fact but I'll give it a try.

Peppermint Pigs are such a weird concept, I've never done it but if that and potato chips don't scream "Saratoga" to you, what other food does?

It's a pretty interesting list and I only mentioned three of them. They also talked about Chobani/Fage, Billinski Sausage, tomato pie, mini hot dogs, Adirondack Seltzer, and more. Can you add any others to the list?


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