There are worms that are usually helpful little critters when it comes to your yard, but not for a woman in Hudson.

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Her backyard is on the way to being destroyed by these worms called amynthas – an invasive Asian worm. The story was on News 10 ABC.

Anne Macpherson told reporters that the grass in her yard has been eaten away by the worms. She called experts about what was happening and apparently they’re not sure about the worms either.

Apparently after some of her neighbors heard about Anne’s story, they started calling her to let her know that they’re also having the same issue, which is widespread. Minnesota, Wisconsin and Vermont are also experiencing some pretty big problems with these worms.

There’s a plan in the near future about how to get this destructive situation under control, or maybe even figure out how to completely get rid of the problem.

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