There have been more and more wildlife sightings in the Capital Region lately. There have also been more bears seen in both rural and city areas in recent weeks. One county is putting out an alert and giving tips on how to deal with black bears in the area. I always thought it would be amazing to see a bear up close or nearby. I know that getting close to a bear can be dangerous. I wouldn't risk my life or the life of my family members to get a better look at a bear. But in the moment you may be tempted. Here are some important tips about encountering a black bear or what to do so they don't bother with you or your property.

According to News 10 ABC, there is an alert for Washington County residents. The Washington County Department of Public Safety wants its residents to "Be Bear Aware." There have been reports of black bears in the area causing problems.

There are many precautions that residents in Washington County can take to avoid attracting black bears on their property. These tips can be followed by everyone in the Capital Region so they can "Be Bear Aware."

Residents should never intentionally feed bears. Not only is it illegal, but you can also be fined. If a bear gets food from certain residents, they will return and become a problem. Bird feeders can also attract black bears and the Washington County Department of Public Works is encouraging residents to take them down. Residents are encouraged to keep garbage, pet food, birdseed, and grills inside a shed or enclosed structure. Bears are attracted to grill grease so if you can't store your grill, move it away from your home. You should also make sure that garbage is inside until it can be brought to the curb on garbage day or put in bear-resistant containers. Always keep garage doors closed.

If you have seen bears on or around your property, you are urged to call the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Dispatch Center at 518.897.1300.

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