Three years ago, right around this time of year, a comet passed by Earth and this year, it's back.

The fact that the comet has already passed by here makes me feel better about the phrase "Death Comet" trending today. The asteroid officially named 2015 TB145, according to the Miami Herald, will be closest to Earth on November 11th. Though we're in no danger of actually being hit, it will probably be close enough to scare you a little.

Scientists were aware of the comet in 2015 but thought it had died after too many trips around the solar system. Surprisingly, they saw it again and this time it's in the shape of a skull - how appropriate for this time of year. If you're looking to see it first-hand, you're out of luck, because it'll probably only show up as a dot, even to telescopes. So, if you see the phrase "Death Comet" around the internet today, no worries, we should be fine. I just wish we were calling it something different.

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