The Official Drug Enforcement Administration has issued a warning to parents to be on the lookout for Halloween candy 'knockoffs' that could have been given out to kids while trick-or-treating Wednesday night.  The look-alike candies have similar packaging and could be dangerous.

I know what you're thinking and it's certainly a rational thought. No one is giving out weed on Halloween AND how could one not spot the knockoff candy a mile away.  You certainly wouldn't be wrong with either or both of these assessments, but nonetheless, the DEA tweeted out a waring earlier tonight, just in case some of these look-alike candies end up in your kid's bag.  According to the DEA, the candy is being marketed by people selling marijuana and other drugs.

The candies have similar packaging but different 'weed-like' names such as 'Three Rastateers', 'Rasta Reese's', 'Keef Kat', and 'Buddafinger'.

I would imagine that by now you've inspected your child's candy bag, and didn't see any 'Double Puff Oreos' in there, but in case you did, now at least you know to pass.


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