You've played darts before, right? You and your friends, at the bar, probably some version of Cricket. Maybe you make a little wager (loser buys shots), the game starts, everyone has a blast ... until it's time to actually hit the bull's-eye. Then, what was a friendly competition devolves into a patience-testing slog of missed attempt after missed attempt, leading to howls of frustration and possibly an overturned table.

Eventually you realize that it's actually physically impossible to hit the inner bull's-eye -- literally no one has ever done it before -- so not just quit and never play this stupid game again. (Of course, then one of the girls you're with picks up a dart and flings it over at the board and WHAM! Inner f*cking bull's-eye on her first try. Dammit.)

Anyway, that was a really long-winded introduction for something spectacular: Michael van Gerwen, who we assume is some kind of sorcerer, went on a memorable run at the 2013 World Darts Championship, tossing 17 perfect shots in a row. We don't quite understand the rules -- something about legs and trebles? -- but that's not really important. You can tell he's doing something special from the absurdly energetic spasms by the TV announcer. Seriously, by the time van Gerwen actually misses his mark, it's shocking the guy's heart didn't burst.

One thing van Gerwen didn't do? Hit a bull's-eye. We told you: it's impossible.

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