This one immediately had me thinking about the highchair that my son used.  Luckily for me, Brody was born in July of 2015 so his old chair doesn't apply.  However, if you purchased a highchair from October of 2016 through December 2017, the one you're child is using could malfunction, sending them falling to the ground while inside of it. 

According to News10 ABC, thousands of the very popular brand of Graco highchairs have been recalled. Some 36,000 that were purchased exclusively at Walmart have been recalled as Graco has received 38 reports of the rear leg pivoting out of position.  They report five injuries to children who got bumps and bruises when their highchair fell over when they were in it.

This recall involves Graco Table2Table™ 6-in-1 highchairs with model number 1969721. The 6-in-1 highchairs convert to six different modes, including a traditional highchair, a booster seat and toddler chair and table.

You are able to locate the model number and manufacturing date which are printed on the label. Both numbers are located either on the underside of the highchair seat or on the underside of the booster seat.


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