If you are a sports fan, you watched Dirk Nowitski and the rest of the Dallas Mavericks take Lebron James and the Miami Heat  to school last night to win the Franchise's first NBA title. I saw it with my own eyes, Owner Mark Cuban holding the trophy on Sportscenter. But if you were to open an paper in Miami today, you wouldn't know it.

Heat Championship gear ad

This Macy's ad appeared in today's Miami Herald proclaiming the Miami Heat the Champions of the NBA. Granted they do make gear for both teams, the losing team's gear usually is sent to a third world country for people who need clothing. It's also not uncommon for an ad like this to be ready in case a team wins. The strange thing about this is, if the Heat won last night the series would have been tied up 3-3.  How can a mistake like this happen?

Seeing stuff like this brings such a smile to my face. I have never really been a Lebron James fan and this year the cockiness of the whole team has really shown. This is a big slap in the face and I love every minute of it!

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