This may be the exact opposite of "effective parenting".  A father of a 6 year old girl was arrested over the weekend after terrorizing his 6 year old by chasing her around the neighborhood in a clown mask.  The Ohio man admitted that he wanted to punish the little girl.

Columbus, OH’s NBC 4 TV said that Vernon Barrett, Jr.’s six-year-old daughter ran into a neighbor’s apartment in Boardman, OH shortly after 10 p.m., terrified and begging them to save her.  The little girl then ran into a strangers house, and that's where Dion Santiago went out with a shotgun looking for the "man" chasing around her around. He found the girls father and fired a single shot into the ground and waited for police to arrive.  Police arrested Barrett at the scene and charged him with child endangerment and inducing panic. Santiago received a citation for operating a weapon while intoxicated.

Barrett also admitted that the girl's mother is currently jail for beating the poor child in an incident that left her with broken ribs.


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