It's more good news about the holiday surgery of coronavirus cases.

Reports have new more encouraging over the last couple of weeks when it comes to the holiday surge of positive COVID cases, and the trend continued Thursday as Governor Cuomo announced the state positivity rate has hit its lowest level since November 28th. The rate fell to 4.28% which is the lowest it has been since right after Thanksgiving. While Cuomo said today the vaccine is still the key to ending the pandemic, he said supply at this point is still way too low and the lower rate of cases is a result of New Yorkers taking the proper precautions to stay safe.

As the holiday surge begins to dwindle, could another potential one be upon us? With this good news Governor Cuomo reiterated we still need to use caution, especially with another weekend of gatherings ahead with the Superbowl upon us.

I just hope we continue in this direction and we are not hearing about a 'Superbowl surge' of COVID in the next couple of weeks.

The positivity rate of the Capital Region itself continues to go down as well, dropping to 4.11% on Wednesday according to the Governor's office.


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