New music venue means new opportunities for concerts, right? Well, the newest venue in the area opened and I took a look at it.

You may remember it as Rascals, located upstairs across from FunnyBone Albany. Now, they've announced that it's Skyloft Albany and it's open!

I had a chance to already check out a show there and sample some of the food and I'm pumped to see what else they'll have to offer. They already listed their full concert line-up which includes nights dedicated to the 1980s and 1990s, some smaller bands, as well as legendary groups like The Wailers and Blue Oyster Cult.

There's a restaurant with a full menu and bar attached to the venue with two bars. The strangest thing to me was when someone on stage mentioned we were at Crossgates Mall and I completely forgot Best Buy was down the hall! Now, we just gotta work on getting some country concerts scheduled!

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