Craig Morgan knows what it's like to move around alot. He started his career on a Major Label, Atlantic Records in 2000. When Atlantic closed it''s Nashville Branch, Craig found a home on the independent label Broken Bow Records in 2002. Craig had alot of success with them scoring many top 10 hits.  A few years ago, Craig went back to a major label, signing with Sony music's BNA label, where he released only one album. He and the record company had an amicable split in February.

Craig is now back with an independent label called Black River Entertainment.  Black River's Chief Operating Officer Gordon S. Kerr had this to say about the signing:

“You could take a poll of country fans and be pretty sure at least one or two of Craig’s hits would be among their all-time favorites. We’re immensely proud to have Craig join the Black River family.”

Black River Entertainment is also the home for new artists Sarah Darling and Due West as well as Jeff Bates.

I knew it wouldn't take too long for Craig to find a new home, as he is a very talented performer.  I personally thought he should have stayed with Broken Bow a few years back since they were a smaller label and he was shown more attention. I think the reason he split with BNA was due to the fact he got lost in the shuffle. I can't wait to hear new music from Craig.

Are you a fan of Craig Morgan? If so, what is your favorite song of his? I bet many would say this one: