Regeneron, who operates a major part of their pharma operation in East Greenbush, has developed a COVID treatment that is showing a lot of promise.

Throughout the pandemic, the race has been on to not only find a COVID vaccine but also an effective treatment to help those who catch the virus. We now have several vaccines, and thanks to a company with roots in the Capital Region, what a Times Union report is calling a 'very effective' treatment for the virus.

According to the Times Union story, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals has developed a cocktail that "...has proven highly effective in reducing and shortening COVID-19 symptoms," cutting hospital stays and death by 70 percent. The Times Union says this treatment, called Regen-Cov, was given to President Trump when he contracted the virus and the drugs given to him were actually manufactured here in East Greenbush.

As state and federal officials work feverishly to get all Americans vaccinated, this is really great news in the fight against COVID. While many Americans are getting the vaccines, many are understandably leery to get the shots after their quick development and turnaround. Plus, with a virus that is reportedly mutating constantly, having an effective treatment will be another way to protect Americans and minimize the impact of the virus for both the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Maybe attacking the virus on the preventive and therapeutic fronts will be the knock out punch to end this pandemic for good.

The Times Union says Regeneron is requesting emergency approval for the cocktail, and depending on the dosage that is approved could have 750,000 or more doses ready by this summer.

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