Amazing when you look at the lineup back then.  Keith Urban. Brad Paisley, Craig Morgan and more. Household names now - not so much back then!   Here are some of my shots that I found in an old shoebox. (not really - it was on my hard drive).  There's even a crowd shot.  Were you there? 

Can You Find Yourself?  This is like "Where's Waldo?"

crowd countryfest 2004

neckthingie 2004
CountryFest lanyard

OMG!  Look at how young they looked!  This was the the lanyard that our staff wore around our necks

bradpaisley countryfest 2004
Photo by Richie Phillips

Brad Paisley getting ready to take the stage.

keith urban
photo by Richie Phillips

Keith Urban onstage with a Bocephus Shirt

keith urban backstage

Craig Morgan
photo by Richie Phillips

Craig Morgan left his "Redneck Yacht Club" long enough to join us

Josh Gracin
photo by Richie Phillips

Remember Josh Gracin of "American Idol" fame?  Great performer!

2004 was a great year, for sure.  Hope to see you THIS year at Countryfest 2013!

If you'd like to hear the rules of Countryfest RHYMED, you can! 

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