I must first apologize to Darius Rucker.  I may have to do it in person when he comes here. I have borrowed the song "Wagon Wheel" for this (but I promise to give it back).  Here's my parody so you hopefully will remember the rules when you come to our huge party this Saturday! 

Enjoy this year's MEGA party- Countryfest 2013.   We know you will.  But there are important rules to remember. We want you all to be safe and have a great time.   The full list plus  more information is on our website, of course, but I had to at least try to rhyme the information.  So here we go - the Rules of Countryfest to the tune of "Wagon Wheel" (lyrics under the photo)

WGNA Countryfest 2013
If you're heading out to the show on Saturday
8:00 is when they open up the parking gates
Infield ones swing open up at 11
All kinds of parking , that's what we got
Limited ones for $2 a shot
Don't bring booze or you just might not  get in-
Sorry that I'm naggin you with all these rules
But listen real carefully don't be fools
Don't you say. You didn't warn me
Don't try to bring a weapon like a pocket knife
can't bring your dog or cat so tell your wife
Don't say you didn't warn me
You can take an umbrella but don't you dare
Being one for your patio or big beach chair
No  cans bottles or coolers no exceptions
Don't even try to cop a tude
When we tell you you can't bring in your own food
Why do that when there's so many great concessions
So come enjoy the music, enjoy the snacks
When you're in you can leave but you can't come back
Don't say you didn't warn me
if you need cash - this is great my friends
Inside the gates there are ATM'S
Don't say you didn't inform me
As far as the fashions that you choose
Make sure that it includes wearing shirt and shoes
Don't say you didn't warn me
Have a great time, folks!  (I know it sounds like alot of "don'ts", but we're doing this for your safety, so please comply and things will be awesome!

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