A few years ago the Grammy Awards cut and merged several categories. Fans and artists are finally seeing the impact it's having in the Country Music genre. 

During the 90's there were usually 7 standard categories to celebrate and honor Country Music's finest performances.

Best Female Country Vocal Performance

Best Male Country Vocal Performance

Best Country Performance By A Duo Or Goup

Best Country Instrumental Performance

Best Country Vocal Collaboration

Best Country Song

Best Country Album

Now, the Grammy's only feature 4 categories for Country Music, merging male and female into one category and merging duo, group and collaboration into one category.

Best Country Solo Vocal Performance

Best Country Duo/Group Performance

Best Country Song

Best Country Album

The bottom line: it's harder and harder for a Country Music artist to get a Grammy nomination, cutting the list down from 35 nominees to just 20.  This also cuts the potential winners list from 7 to only 4 Country Grammy winners per year.  Plus, if you think about it,  it's hard to compare male and female voices in the same category and it's even harder for established duos/groups to compete against random collaborations.  What do you think? Please leave your comments below.



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