By the title you would think it’s an adventure from a Batman movie, but a 46-year-old man dressed as a clown has been sent to prison for three years, for trying to extort money from his immigrant relatives.

Clown On A Bike

According to a story from AP, Frank Salvador Solorza was sentenced on Friday by a U.S. district judge. This happened in 2009 in California. Solorza picked up a case from his cousins, who were emigrants from Mexico. He thought it had $50 thousand in it. It was a scheme where he would threaten to have them deported for lying on immigration papers if they didn't pay him.

Apparently, he rode on a child's bicycle while he was wearing a clown suit, wig, and pirate hat to pick up the money. This was supposedly so they couldn’t identify him.

According to the San Francisco Chronical, another reason he got into trouble, he was passing himself off as a federal immigration agent. A federal jury did convict Solorza of impersonating an immigration officer, conspiracy and attempted extortion.

Do you wonder what the family thought when he showed up at their door?

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