The guy who did this is an absolute genius.  Not sure the Albany Po-Po would love it, but man, tell me this wouldn't be fun to try to pull off!  A man in Montreal made a lifelike car out of snow and sat back and watched as a police officer attempted to write a ticket for the illegally parked snow mobile.

According to News 10 ABC, Simon Laprise made the snow car as a replica of the DeLorean made famous in the ‘Back to the Future’ series of movies.  He sat back and waited thinking that it may confuse the plow guys who were headed his way.

The officer was able to laugh at the joke and after realizing the car was a phony, the he left a note that said “VOUS AVEZ FAIT NOTRE SOIREE!!! HAHAHAHAHA :)” or “You made our night!!! hahahahahaha :)”

Laprise said that a plow came by the next morning and turned his DeLorean into dust.

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