We bought a cut-out for my dad to be at the Mets home games this season and thought we would never be able to see him. Well on Saturday, while I was watching the game, low and behold I saw my dad's cut-out. Check out the screenshots that I captured. Back in August, we purchased a cut-out of my dad that would be put in the stands at Citifield for the Mets home games. We were told that we wouldn't be getting it at the end of the season and that there would be no way for them to take a picture for us. We did get the section and seat he would be in but thought it would be a longshot that we would actually see his cut-out in the stands.

Saturday night I was home alone and was clicking through the channels. I noticed that the Mets were on and they had a home game. I tuned in. While I knew my dad's cut-out was on the first base side about twenty rows up, I never thought I would actually see him. It really is like a needle in a haystack.

As I watched the game, a left-handed batter came up which means that the crowd behind the batter would be the ones along the first baseline. They zoomed in on the batter and I glanced around the background. Then I looked closer. At this point I am not sure, am I just seeing it because I want to? I paused it, it was blurry, I rewound it, I fast-forwarded it, and then I froze it again. It was him! He was to the right and above someone's dog cut-out.

Here is the original picture that we used for the cut-out.

Chrissy, Townsquare Media

Here are the screenshots from the Mets game on Saturday night 9/19/20.

Photo from SNY Mets game broadcast 9/19/20


Photo from SNY broadcast of Mets Game 9/19/20
Photo from SNY broadcast of Mets Game 9/19/20