I understand that people are looking out for children at the end of the day but am I the only one that thinks this is bananas?

If a proposal goes through in New York City, then chocolate milk may be banned in schools. The Department of Education has decided that the high amount of sugar in chocolate milk has caused a proposal may get it banned, according to CBS6.

The Department of Health reported that 40% of New York City elementary school students are overweight or obese. They are backing the Department of Education in this proposal. Children who drink chocolate milk twice per day will eat up to six pounds of extra sugar each year.

Nutritionist Reyna Franco says about chocolate milk, "If you look at the big picture at how much your child is eating, in terms of sugar, if they don't eat too much cakes and cookies and foods with added sugar, then chocolate milk may be a good way to get some calcium, vitamin D and protein into their day,”

That's why a lot of parents have an issue with this ban. They feel like the schools and government are making decisions for their children, especially when that may be the only sugar they're taking in each day.

No decision has been made and though technically, it's only in New York City, if it works out, I wouldn't be surprised if it makes its way up here.

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