This local story is completely unfathomable.

The Times Union reports that a local couple, Douglas and Sheryl Lindsey were arrested on April 12th for leaving their 15-month and 19-month old children in their car outside a bar while they went inside and had a few drinks.  The bar was Tommy's Place, 462 Albany Shaker Road.

Apparently, a repair man working on the bar, noticed the Lindseys acting weird.  He also witnessed them making multiple trips outside to look in their car repeatedly.  After the man heard babies crying in the car that's when he decided to call Colonie Police.  Both husband and wife with child endangerment.  The two are due back in court next week to face the accusations.



I can't believe that's all Douglas and Sheryl Lindsey have been charged with.  Wouldn't it have been easier to pick up a bottle of wine or 12-pack and gone home to have a few drinks -- you know, in the safety of your home!?!  Was the trip down Albany Shaker so bad you just had to pull over and have a few.  These people should be charged with more than child endangerment.  Had they not been spotted acting so strange and caught, they would have been driving home under the influence with minors in the car.  Does that fall under Leandra's Law?  I realize THAT situation never actually happened, but obviously that is what their intent was.  Otherwise who was going to drive the car home?  The 15-month old or the 19-month old.  People make me sick.

For a complete, detailed version of this story go to the Times Union.

What was your first thought after hearing this story?