I am very excited to welcome Cassadee Pope to the area this Thursday when we take a cruise on the Hudson with her on the Dutch Apple.

I know tickets sold out fast but remember there are still a couple of ways to win your way on to the boat, we will give away another pair tomorrow on the "The Sean, Richie and Bethany Show." Even if you don't win the tickets this time around I still think you will enjoy her performance from "The Today Show" this morning.

It's actually funny because this morning I spent a long time watching videos of Cassadee when she was in a band called Hey Monday from West Palm Beach. I will share one after we first watch a pretty powerful performance of her latest single, "I am Invincible" from "The Today Show."

Good stuff, right? Well before she really took off becoming the first female to win "The Voice" a couple of years ago, you may not know that Cassadee had a band called Hey Monday and while they didn't see a whole lot of chart success they sure had a loyal following and this particular video I found did have over 6 million hits. I also learned that this song was used for a commercial for the "Star Trek" movie back in 2009 (makes a geek like me proud). Check out "Homecoming" from Hey Monday.

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