Many of the Capital Region haunted houses and attractions that have become annual traditions will have a bit of a different look and feel this October, but that may not be a bad thing.   In fact, you can argue that some of the COVID related changes at hair raising spook spots like the Double M Haunted Hayrides may make them even more frightening.  Unlike the traditional way we've experienced the Double M in the past, this year will be different and we'll find out soon enough if change is a good thing, as The Double M opens up for the season October 1st.

No more running to your favorite spot on the back of the tractor - usually somewhere near the back and on the side is most people's favorite.  Instead, seats will be determined when you leave your house, not enter the attraction. Since patrons are required to stay inside their own car, it's more like a frightening Ford or a hell raising Honda than a haunted hayride.   The story won't be told by costumed actors over their PA-style sound system. Instead, you'll tune in to hear "The Legend of Brady" on your car radio when you make your way through what is now known as Double M's "Dead End Road" Thursday-Sunday nights in October. It may actually feel more intimate and intense than ever.  The space is tighter in your own car,  you'll be with a much smaller group, and surely the characters will make it their personal vendetta to freak you out.  

On the Double M website, they clearly state the protocol they plan to take to make sure they're compliant with NYS and CDC regulations. As a result:

  • Double M’s Haunted Hayride will be operating as a drive-thru (in your personal vehicle) attraction only.
  • All sales are online purchase only. Tickets will be sold in limited quantities per time slot. Time slots WILL sell out so please plan accordingly. You must have an online ticket to enter the property.
  • There will be no cash sales in order to comply with the safety measures for contactless payment.

To get more info or to purchase tickets, click here

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