Most professional athletes embark on different careers after the conclusion of their professional sports career.

The different types of post-playing careers are always very interesting. Some remain in the sport, becoming a coach, scout or executive. Others follow the path carved by their college degree, going into business, finance or another industry. Some become stay-at-home parents, others launch a podcast; you never know what an athlete's next steps are going to be until they take them.

One of the more rare occurrences, at least in my memory, is an athlete who becomes a professional photographer, and yet, a former New York Yankees' hurler is successfully doing just that.

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Randy Johnson, AKA "The Big Unit", Pursues Second Career as Photographer

Admittedly, I've been following this story for a few days, but finally feel as though I have enough information to put digital pen-to-paper. I first started following this story when a tweet popped up on my Twitter feed yesterday.

Here's the original tweet:

At first, I thought this was a clever photo-shopping job. We live in a very tech-friendly world, and I figured that someone strategically placed the head of a random athlete on top of an unsuspecting cameraman's body.

Then, after a bit more digging, I began to realize that this was a reality. That's when I stumbled across this statement from The Big Unit:

This was no joke. This was a reality, and one that baseball fans have marveled at over the last two days. Not only is Randy Johnson a photographer, one that's apparently been credentialed by the NFL, he also owns his own photography company.

Everything went from good to great, when a few internet sleuths discovered Johnson's company logo:

Dan, why you laughing as hard as you are?

Well, Internet reader, I'm laughing at this photo because of the inside joke implied within. Dedicated baseball fans will remember a moment from March 21, 2001, when Johnson was pitching in a spring training game.

A bird flew in front of the path of a Johnson pitch, and this happened:

So, just to make sure I didn't lose you at any point here, here's the recap: former New York Yankees and MLB pitcher, Randy Johnson, owns a professional photography company in his post-baseball life, and was seen taking photos on an NFL sideline this weekend.

This completes the most random sports story you'll read today. Live your dream, folks!

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