It wasn't the friendliest of confines at Yankee Stadium during this postseason, especially for the team in the pinstripes.

The Yankees came off of a regular season in which they won 99 games, and were set for a re-match with the Houston Astros in the American League Championship Series. Ultimately, the rival Astros would win the series in four straight, shutting down the Yankees' offense in the process.

Fans were none too pleased with some of the performances of the New York players, and voiced their displeasure during games at Yankee Stadium. Following the season's end, players are voicing their displeasure in response to the "brutal" atmosphere.

To me, that response is absurd.

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Reports: Yankees' Players Complain About Atmosphere During Home Games

A fantastic story from SNY's Andy Martino broke down the "toxicity" of the environment at Yankee Stadium during the 2022 MLB Playoffs, and the impact it may have on current and future free agents coming to The Bronx. The story talks about the booing and jeering that players experienced at the Stadium this postseason, and goes into how some of the incumbent Yankees felt about it.

Martino notes comments from anonymous New York players who described their time at home as an unusually brutal experience. He states that players were shocked that superstar slugger Aaron Judge was booed, and that the treatment of Josh Donaldson made him into a sympathetic figure inside the walls of the clubhouse.

This quote, given to Martino from a rival executive, was the cherry on top:

"I get that it’s World Series or bust but damn they’re spoiled."

Championship Series - Houston Astros v New York Yankees - Game Four
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Allow me to respond in a similar cadence: "I get that New York Yankees' fans are spoiled, but you're the New York Yankees, so the expectation is World Series or bust."

Look, I get that the environment wasn't welcoming for most of the players on the New York Yankees this postseason. By the time Game 4 rolled around, players like Donaldson and Matt Carpenter were being booed during the starting lineup announcement, before the game even began.

That being said, you play for the New York Yankees, the team with a pedigree of winning championships, one that's been earned know...WINNING A LOT OF CHAMPIONSHIPS. I'm a Red Sox fan, and even I know that the Yankees have a culture of winning. I know that better than most, actually.

Championship Series - Houston Astros v New York Yankees - Game Four
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When your offense is breaking records for amount of strikeouts in a series and a postseason, you're constantly leaving players on-base, and you're not backing up strong starts from your starting pitchers, you're going to get booed.

It's an occupational hazard of being a superstar athlete. If you're playing well, fans will scream your name with pride for years to come. You'll be on the back of jerseys, the front of posters, and the subject of tattoos on countless bodyparts.

Meanwhile, if you stink, you'll hear the boos and jeers of fans that aren't happy with your performance. It's a cutthroat industry, and if you don't want to deal with the cheers or the heckles, don't be a professional athlete, and DEFINITELY don't play in New York.

Nobody was happy with how things turned out in The Bronx in October; that's no secret. That said, complaining about treatment that you earned through your poor performance is the wrong way for any player to react.

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