Everyone has a trick to pass the time on a long car ride. We used to have to be creative in coming up with games to make the trip go faster. Now with technology, it's a lot easier for everyone to keep themselves occupied. But if you had to go back, what car games were the most fun to play? Driving back from Buffalo yesterday, my mom and I were reminiscing about what car games we used to play. Once a year we would drive (22 hours) to Florida when I was a kid to visit my grandparents. One of our favorite games was the license plate game. So simple, yet so fun. We would write down all the different states we would see. With a trip that long, we usually came within one or two states from completing the set.

I also loved playing the car bingo game. That's when you had "bingo" cards with items you would see while traveling, mark them off as you saw them, and get bingo. Another of my favorites was the alphabet song game. You would have to start with the letter A is for give a name, where they were from and what they were bringing all using that letter. The hard part is you would have to remember the ones before you and repeat them.

I used to love these and I am thinking of bringing them back. We are too stuck in our own little worlds, even in the car. Let's shut down the electronics and all have fun with each other in the car.  We do enough shutting out the world when we aren't forced to be together.

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