A 24-year-old Saratoga Springs man ended up with some minor injuries and some legal problems after he allegedly crashed a 2004 Chevy Impala into a gate at the Saratoga Race Course early Friday morning.

Saratoga Race Course
Google Street View

A Saratoga Police officer that was on patrol saw that a car didn’t stop, and drive past a stop sign at Spring and Putnam Streets. The officer went after the Impala and attempted to conduct a traffic stop. Instead of stopping, the vehicle sped up in an attempt to get away from the police.

More police cars joined the chase in an attempt to stop the Impala. The vehicle went through another stop sign near the Saratoga Race Course. That’s when the car continued over a curb and ended up crashing into a gate at the track.

According to the story from News 10 ABC, the crash caused the Impala to become disabled. That’s when Saratoga Police arrested the driver. Luke McGee ended up with numerous charges including Unlawful Fleeing Police Officer In A Motor Vehicle, Driving While Intoxicated and several other charges. McGee was taken to Saratoga Hospital for some minor injuries that he received because of the accident.

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