I've never heard of this before, have you? A company that lets you basically "borrow" a car for a short period?  (Borrow might be the wrong word - you DO have to pay for it).  But it's coming to the area by the end of June.   It's called Capital CarShare

According to an article in the Times Union, this is the real deal.  Quoting from the article:

Consumers enjoy the benefits of an occasional ride without the associated cost of ownership.


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You basically sign up for a membership and you get a key fob.  Then when you book the car for the time you want to use it, the key unlocks the car and starts it for that period of time.  Then you return it.  Here is a review of 2 different companies that do this already in different areas of the country

Capital Carshare is going to start out with 8 cars, and the membership is $5 a month and $11/hour to use the car.

Interesting idea or unnecessary?  What do YOU think?  Would love to know!  (For me? I'd rather just take CDTA.  You still have to PARK the car and worry about who's going to hit it!