Colonie Police are continuing to investigate why a car that was being driven by an elderly man crashed into the awning of a funeral home on Central Avenue in Colonie. The car just  missed hitting the building. In addition to the awning, 86-year-old Richard Reed allegedly also struck another vehicle which sent some parts of the vehicles flying which caused damage to a few other vehicles.

Reilly and Sons Funeral Home - Google Street View

The accident happened earlier today at Reilly And Sons Funeral Home. Reed was transported to Albany Medical Center by Colonie Emergency Medical Services for some possible minor injuries. He is expected to be fine. There were no other injuries reported.

According to the story from WNYT, even though there is still an investigation continuing, The Colonie Police think that Reed may have had some sort of a medical issue which may have resulted in the accident. So far there have not been any tickets issued.