As you get ready for the big game today, this is the place you need to be ordering some wings from.

The Capital Region voted, and the best spot in the area to get chicken wing's is the Rusty Nail in Clifton Park! I gotta say, I really can't disagree with the results of this poll for two reasons.

First, as a Clifton Park resident, the Nail is my go to for wings and it always delivers. My personal favorite? Their Garlic Parm wings. They are awesome! Second, the Nailk is ALWAYS packed. You could argue it's their birthday special where you get a free wing for every year in your age for your whole party, but there is a reason everyone is clamoring for that fried goodness.

So as you get ready to eat your share of the over 1 billion wings that get consumed today, give the Rusty Nail a shot! And honestly, you cannot go wrong with any of the finalists who made our poll (See results below).

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