Dry January may be coming to an early conclusion for many in the Capital Region.

That is just what happens when a locally distilled spirit gets the nod as one of the Top Alcoholic Beverages to Kick Off 2023. If you are doing dry January, even if you don't completely give up on the premise, you may be inclined to try just one tasty cocktail featuring what is now a top-ranked and nationally recognized vodka.


While the craft beer industry exploded years ago and has been an Upstate New York mainstay, craft distilling has caught on as well and become quite popular in its own right.

Some great local spots that come to mind producing amazing spirits are Yankee Distillers in Clifton Park, Cooperstown Distillery which has a location in Saratoga Springs, Schenectady Distilling Company in Glenville, and more.

Albany Based Vodka Named Best In Nation For 2023

ALB Vodka, which is produced by Albany Distilling Company on Livingston Avenue, has been named the Top Alcoholic Beverage Toi Kick of 2023 by USA Today! Here is what the article had to say about the nation's top rated spirit:

Affectionately dubbed, “your favorite bartender’s favorite vodka,” ALB (/ā’el’bē/) Vodka is made in Albany, NY, but for the people...The premium handmade gluten-free vodka is the fastest-growing spirit in the US as it’s garnered favor with industry decision-makers, cultural tastemakers, and the everyday consumer...People are resonating with ALB’s corn-based vodka not only because of its signature smooth taste, achieved by an innovative charcoal filtration regimen — and the famous NY water — but also because of its allure and affordability.

Great taste, affordability, and that great New York water? It may be time to take just a brief breather from dry January for a little taste. Or just throw it out the window altogether and enjoy!

You can visit Albany Distilling Company at 75 Livingston Avenue in downtown Albany! They have a bar to try their spirits, bottle shop, and they offer tours at the 3rd Street distillery! You can visit them online here.

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