Move over Florida, New Yorkers may be staying within the state to retire.

I happened to see on the Daily Gazette that one of our local towns is being called one of the best in state to retire. You may think Schenectady because of the casino (gives you something to do), Lake George because of the views (relaxing atmosphere), but actually, it's somewhere in between - Ballston Spa!

As you can probably imagine, the state itself is pretty low on the list of places to retire because of our higher taxes and cost of living, but if wanted to stay in this state, start looking at property in Ballston Spa. Ballston Spa is the fifth best place in the state to retire.

SmartAsset, the website that created this list, based it on "tax levels, and access to doctors, recreation facilities and senior citizen community centers." Not only is the town on the list this year, it's not the first time it's appeared. It made the list in both 2015 and 2016 but nothing since, until now.

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