There are a couple different aspects to this crime ring. Breaking into cars and scammed checks are only a few things they do.

The police in Bethlehem believe this ring to be one called Felony Lane. With a criminal name like that it is sure to not be too pretty. What we are being targeted with according to them is a very sophisticated check cashing scheme. The way they do this is through the drive through as tellers have a harder time identifying a person that is a decent distance away from their eyesight. They also are known to wear wigs to further fool bank tellers. Sadly that isn't the only thing they seem to do in the way of criminal activity.

There are actually a few different parts that this ring seems to be known for and cashing checks isn't it.  Also breaking into cars at gyms seems to be another thing they do. Normally this facet of their operation includes men breaking in and stealing purses and wallets out of parked cars. This is how they get their hands on IDs and checks too to actually cash at unsuspecting banks. This is even more scary as many cars have been broken into at gyms as of late in the Capital Region.

Originally out of Florida "Felony Lane" has caught the attention of the FBI and many have been arrested relating to the gang activity.

Police strongly urge banks, tellers and pedestrians alike to be aware of this and if they see anyone with a wig driving a rental car to please notify law enforcement. There is more info at the link below.

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