Students and faculty line up to pay homage to our service men and women of the Armed Forces

Amidst a sea of American Flags, students and faculty offered high-fives, daps, and hugs to proud American Veterans as they made their way down the hallway at Schalmont Middle School this week.

Admittedly, I watched the video a bunch, welling up each time while soaking in this simple, but truly touching tradition held inside the Schenectady school.

Honoring our US Veterans

Veterans Day is a federal holiday in the United States observed annually on November 11, to honor military veterans, active and retired, of the United States Armed Forces.

This special moment took place on Wednesday, and the video is below.

According to the SCSD, the students "talked with veterans during a special breakfast, asked questions about their service, and listened to their stories about the kinship they formed in the military."

Watch how students and faculty lined up to show support and appreciation for these men and women, either retired or active military, during the hallway parade.

Check out the video below

Some of the retired Veterans moved a little slower than others, and some of these heroes needed wheelchairs and walkers to make it down the hallway, but this wasn't a race. The students, accompanied by Schalmont faculty, made sure that each and every Veteran felt patriotic love.

Judging by the smiles on everyone's faces, there was plenty of it to go around.

And once again, to all those men and women, and the good Americans who came before them, we say, "Thank You for Your Service!"

"Schalmont Middle School students lined the hallways to applaud and cheer for veterans this morning as they walked through the school, one of the best parts of the annual Veterans Day Celebration! #schalmontpride #VeteransDay" Schalmont School District, Facebook 



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