Stress Fracture can help you out. Yes, relax by breaking stuff. Get out that pent up anger by smashing something. All in a special room that can come to you.

I first came across this in a Saratoga Living story and thought it was too good to be true. A "mobile stress relief room" that comes to you and lets you smash and break stuff for stress relief. Sometimes just destroying an inanimate object is a great way to let all that negative energy out, and is what Stress Fracture does. According to their website, it is their mission " provide a fun and innovative way for individuals to break from everyday frustrations and stress." I think "break" is the keyword there.

We have all been to that place where we felt smashing something that was not working would help us feel better. And that is exactly how Stress Fracture's mobile stress relief room works. according to their website. It's in a truck that they can bring to you or your business. They also bring the tools and appropriate safety gear, and you can basically suit up and go in this mobile room to simply break up and smash stuff, in a safe place, to get all that negative energy out. They even provide the music! And the best part? You don't have to clean up.

I am pretty sure once per week at work I get frustrated with my laptop locking up and steam comes out of my ears. I always think in my head that aking my computer outside and just smashing it into the ground would not only be the solution to fixing the problem but would help me feel a whole lot better about it. Obviously, I never act this out, but it would be nice to book this mobile relief room to finally get to break something when the time feels right!

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