Schodack Police Chief Bernhard Peters retired today after 45 years of service to the Capital Region.

The police hold a special place in my heart.  It’s a job not many of us are wired to do.  A job that lately, has proven to be a tough line of work. I think about my close family and friends who serve and protect us every day and words can’t express my gratitude for what they do.

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After hearing of Chief Peters retirement after 45 year of service right here in the Capital Region, I wanted to highlight him and thank him.  Chief Peters worked in the Rensselaer County Sheriff's Department, the East Greenbush Police Department, the North Greenbush and Nassau Police Departments as well where he served as Chief.

Setting the example, two of Chief Peters children are in law enforcement as well.  His son Nicholas Peter is a Police Officer in East Greenbush and his daughter Kerrie is a State Police Investigator.

Although I do not know Chief Peters personally, I want to  thank him and congratulate him for his service to the Capital Region.  I wish him much happiness in his retirement!

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