I know it sound like part of a joke, but tonight you can actually see the planet Uranus with the naked eye.

And if you have binoculars, you can get a really good look at the planet! According to IFLSCIENCE!, Uranus will be visible with the naked eye tonight in the Northeast sky.  The planet is a blue green color, and if you have a telescope or a good binoculars it may be easier to spot.

The article says today, October 19,  Uranus is at it's closets point to earth, which is only 1.7 billion miles away. The planet is 2 billion miles away at it's furthest point.

As it turns out, Uranus is not the only planet you can see this month! IFLSCIENCE! says '...Mars and Venus are (currently) both visible in the pre-dawn sky, towards the eastern horizon.' Again, if you have a good set of binoculars or a good telescope either will help you spot these planets, especially as you compete with the sun at this time.


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