When Canadian country music artist Brett Kissel was about to perform the "Star Spangled Banner" before a Stanley Cup playoff hockey game in Edmonton, Canada last evening, he knew immediately that he was having mic difficulties.  At that moment, Kissel realized  that he needed help from a few fellow Canadians.  18,000 of them came to the rescue!

That's when the entire arena assisted the voiceless singer in a stirring rendition of our National Anthem. This is awesome, and certainly has the internet buzzing this morning with a simple question: Would you be able to recite "O Canada" if the same thing were happen here? I know I wouldn't!  I would be able to bring home *perhaps* the last line of the song.  "O Canada, we stand on guard for thee" (2 times of course)

The Anaheim Ducks took the game last night 6-3 over the hometown Oilers and while hockey usually isn't on my radar in terms of sports I have a vested interest in, I'll be rooting for the Oilers in this years Playoffs.

Guess I better brush up on their players, and their anthem.


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